Don’t call it a comeback

Oh 2019, what can I say about you. It was a story of perseverance. When I started 2019, I had no idea what was in store. For the first time since I got sick, I accomplished the goal I set for myself in the beginning of the year. This year wasn't perfect. It took a [...]

Gastroparesis Taught Me How to Fight

I haven’t been able to make my usual Gastroparesis Awareness Month post yet this year! It’s been pretty crazy trying to get everything done between work, training, and G-PACT for August. Make sure to check out our awareness month site for what we've got going on this month! I truly hate this disease. I’ve seen first hand what [...]

Am I Enough?

Before I put my thoughts together, I want to point out that while I’m the one typing and putting my words out there for all of you, I’m also talking to myself. My self care/love is a work in progress too. Sometimes it comes easy for me to be vulnerable. Sometimes I choke on the [...]