TPN Awareness Week!!!

Happy TPN/HPN awareness week! This week, the OLEY foundation recognizes August 7-11 to help spread information and awareness of TPN/HPN. (TPN is sometimes called HPN, which stands for HOME Parenteral Nutrition. They’re considered the same thing). This week, I hope to share as much as I can about TPN, and where to find information and resources for those who are starting TPN, know someone who relies on it, or simply wants to know more.


Being on TPN at first, besides being scary, was isolating. I felt very different, and I wasn’t sure how to navigate my life. I started out being on TPN 12 hours a day. That meant if I wanted to go to a friends, out to dinner, out to a movie, or anything of the sort, I needed to go prepared. At first, the idea of being away from home during that time was daunting. All the what ifs would flood my brain and I didn’t do much in the evenings for a long time.

Over time, as I got stronger being on TPN, and became used to it, I felt more comfortable doing things with it. Right now, it’s as much a part of me as my right arm is.

This week, you can expect a lot of TPN related posts from me, and I hope that each of you learns a little something this week. You never know who you may meet down the road that you yourself could help with your newfound TPN knowledge.


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